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3G iPhone available right after WWDC keynote June 9th?

According to Gizmodo, “sources close to the 3G iPhone” say that the 3G version of the iPhone will be announced at Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Develor Conference) keynote on June 9th and be available for purchase worldwide right after.

“In Spain, for example, the 3G iPhone will be available for sale at the June 18th grand opening of Telefonica’s megastore—an Apple Store-like shop located in the company’s historical building in Madrid’s Gran Vía— with nationwide availability right the next day or after a few hours. The other European countries with iPhone availability will have similar launch schedules.”

The 3G iPhone is expected to make its debut at the WWDC keynote so that part isn’t such a surprise, but the availability part–that’s new and hopefully true–I’d love to be able to get my hands on one soon.

The same source also told Gizmodo that iPhone pricing will also be changing with the 3G iPhone, saying that at least in some countries the price will no longer be fixed.

[Via Gizmodo]


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