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VBA returning to next version of Mac Office, SP1 coming today


According to Macworld UK the next version of Microsoft Office for the Mac platform will feature the return of VBA support.

Although the latest version of Office for Mac’s, Office 2008, has been Microsoft’s fastest selling version of Office ever, some corporate users are unable/unwilling to upgrade from Office 2004 because of the lack of VBA support in Office 2008.

Office 2008 dropped VBA support on Mac’s in favor of AppleScript which was good and bad.

Good: Office used the same scripting language as many other Mac programs.

Bad: Documents and spreadsheets that were shared with Mac and Windows people that used macros were left unable to run on Mac’s (the document could still be opened, but the macros couldn’t run).

In separate Mac Office news, SP1 for Office 2008 should be coming today and bring with it various bug and compatibility fixes.

For more info about what’s new check out the Macworld UK post here.

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