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Windows XP SP3 locks you into Internet Explorer 7


Windows users that aren’t so fond of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 web browser might want to avoid installing SP3 for Windows XP.

Microsoft has warned that one you install SP3 you’ll be stuck at IE7 unless you uninstall SP3.

According to IE program manager Jane Maliouta, the inability to downgrade to IE6 was by design because the service pack includes newer versions of the old browsers files.

According to survey results released in late March by Forrester Research, Inc., only 30% of corporate users have switched over from IE6 to IE7.

Speaking of locking you into IE7, it’s also worth mentioning that if you installed the beta release of IE8 you won’t be offered SP3 in Windows Update because of file version problems, so you’ll need to uninstall IE8 if you want to install SP3, then you’ll be stuck with IE7.

Mess enough for you?

So…I guess I won’t be installing SP3 anytime soon.

[Via Computerworld]


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