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Easily manage Del.icio.us bookmarks from Mac with Delish

delish_screenshotDel.icio.us sure helps keep track of bookmarks when you don’t want to lose one in a pile of other bookmarks you once thought would be useful but now just hide the ones you really to be able to find.

If you use a Mac with OS 10.5 Leopard and could use a desktop app to help manage your Del.icio.us bookmarks, check out Delish.

Using Delish you’ll get a cool visual way to manage your Del.icio.us bookmarks by showing you thumbnail snapshots of the pages you have bookmarked. It even supports multitouch if you have a MacBook Pro or Air that supports that feature.

For more info or to check out Delish for yourself you can grab it here.

Keep in mind that it’s still in beta so expect to see a bug or two every now and then.

[Via Lifehacker]


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