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Google files complaint with FCC over Verizon, ‘open access’

Regarding the recent 700MHz spectrum auction by the FCC, apparently there are different ways to interpret “open access” for the block that Verizon paid $4.7 billion for, or at least that’s the game that Verizon seems to be playing.

In a petition filed by Google with the FCC, Google alleges that Verizon is ignoring the “plain meaning of the [open access] rule” by  saying that it will allow one type of access for users who use Verizon-approved devices, and a different type of access by those using other, third-party devices.

“Verizon’s position would completely reverse the meaning of the rule such that the open access condition would apply to none of Verizon’s customers, and thereby render the condition a nullity.”

Google is asking that the FCC block Verizon’s bid unless they agree to comply iwth the previously decided open access rules.

If you’re interested in checking out the full complain you can see it here.

No response yet from Verizon.

[Via Engadget]


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