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Fix disappearing Windows Vista System Tray icons

windows_vista_system_trayIf you’re a Windows Vista user that has noticed some icons like your clock, volume, and network no longer show  up and you’ve already tried rebooting, the How-To Geek has your answer.

First, of course, check to see that they can’t be re-enabled from your Taskbar and Start Menu Properties screen.  Right-click on your Taskbar and choose properties, then switch to the Notification Area tab.

If the icons your missing are unchecked and you can check them, great–you’re done and you can stop. If this area is disabled, keep reading.

Okay, time to modify your Windows registry.  As long as you’re careful what you do while you’re in the Registry Editor you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you could really things up so make sure when you’re making a change that you’re in the right spot.

Okay, run regedit from the run box to open the Registry Editor and navigate to this registry key:


From there look for any of the following REG_DWORD entries on the right side:

  • NoTrayItemsDisplay
  • HideClock
  • HideSCAPower
  • HideSCAVolume
  • NoAutoTrayNotify
  • HideSCANetwork

If you find any of these, delete them–that’s what’s keep the icons from showing up in the System Tray but you’re not done yet. Now, do the same thing in this registry key:



Okay, now you’re done. You may have to reboot first, but your icons should be back.

For more info or to download a .REG file to make the changes for you, check out the How-To Geek here.

[Via Lifehacker]


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