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Psystar Open Computer unboxed, benchmarked

It looks like sceptics (myself included) of Psystar and their Open Computer may be wrong after all.

Engadget managed to get their hands on one of the $399 Mac-clones and while it’s not perfect it is at least real and that’s something.

Here’s what they’ve noticed so far:

  • It’s running 10.5.2, build 9C31, which is behind the latest Apple build of 9C7010.
  • The mobo is a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L with an Intel G31 Express chipset. We’re not sure which model of Core 2 Duo is in there as of yet.
  • The graphics card appears to be an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, but it doesn’t show up in ASP, so we have to confirm. Psystar’s store says it’s supposed to be a 256MB card, but we have 512MB — strange.
  • It’s LOUD. Crazy loud. OS X doesn’t seem to interface with the fan controller, so it runs at full tilt all the time. It doesn’t really come across on the video, but it’s loud enough so that it’s hard to talk on the phone when the machine is running. There’s no way we could deal with this thing on a daily basis.
  • The DHCP lease drops every fifteen minutes or so and you have to manually renew it in prefs.
  • Apple System Profiler doesn’t know how to read the configurations of several systems, notably memory and audio. The Audio screen just says there’s no built-in audio, while the Memory page returns an error.
  • That said, audio works just fine, showing up in prefs as HD Audio Output, and obviously the memory works fine.
  • We plugged in a couple cameras, an iPod, and an iPhone, everything worked as expected.
  • There’s no iMovie or iPhoto out of the box, since iLife doesn’t come with Leopard — you’ll have to buy it separately.
  • Time Machine seemed to recognize an external HD, but we didn’t have time to fully test it out.
  • The included copy of Leopard was out of the shrinkwrap, but there’s no way to install it — it shows up in Startup Disk but it won’t restart, and it’s not recognized at boot.
  • Front Row works fine.
  • You can grab the entire System Profiler file here, if you’re so inclined — just make sure and share with the group if you notice anything crazy, okay?

To see their benchmark results for yourself and even watch a video of the machine in action check out their post here.

[Via Engadget]


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