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Apple retail store employees getting new shirts, titles, slogans


Employees at Apple retail stores will soon be wearing different shirts with slogans to go with their newly renamed job titles.

A “Mac Genius” will now be called a “Genius”, a “Mac Specialist” will now be called a “Specialist”, and a “Business Consultant” will now be called a “Business Partner”.

Genius’ and Creative employees will continue to wear dark blue, Specialists will now wear light blue (the color currently worn by Concierges), and Concierges will now wear bright orange.

Business Partners will wear dark blue button-down shirts with “Business” embroidered on the sleeve.

Apparently the shirts will also sport new logos based on their role:

  • Specialist: “I can talk about this stuff for hours”
  • Concierge: “I know people”
  • Creative: “No pain, all gain”
  • Genius: “Not all heroes wear capes”
  • Manager: “My place. Your place”
  • Back-of-house: “Some artists use brushes. I prefer boxes”

This should put an end to the idea that Mac people are pretentious. Not.

[Via TUAW]


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