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Asus agrees to replace Eee PC 900 batteries

Yesterday news came out that some members of the media had erroneously received a better battery (5800mAh versus the 4400mAh that was supposed to ship). As you can imagine, people who lined up in Hong Kong to be among the first to own the new Eee PC with the 8.9-inch screen weren’t so pleased to see that the battery live was worst than expected.

Asus has agreed to upgrade everyone to the 5800mAh battery, even though the 4400mAh battery is one that should be shipping with that model.

No mention of whether all Eee PC 900’s will now have that beefed up battery or if the company will be sticking with the 4400mAh battery and releasing the 5800mAh one later on this year as originally planned.

[Via Engadget]


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