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Samsung, Armani team up to create HDTV


Draped in pinstriped-silk, the new Samsung and Armani LCD HDTV comes in your choice of seasonal colors…no, not really. It’s a TV, it’s plastic, and it’s black.

Apparently they have wood in there somewhere too, but it looks quite a bit like every other HDTV out there right now.

The TV was shown off at the Milan International Furniture Fair in Italy and has features like:

  • Glass-fronted 100Hz LCD screen for reflecting everything in your room back at you while you try and watch a television program or movie
  • Full HD support
  • HDMI input
  • A unique pebble-shaped remote control (yes, I’m serious)
  • A four-mode lighted power switch that can be used to “customize the display of the two companies’ logos on the television” (yes, I’m serious here too)

That’s all that’s known about them at this point.

If I sound a bit less than impressed I am because I really don’t get it. Maybe I’m tired and overworked or maybe, just maybe, this TV is really no big deal and is a silly attempt to capitalize on a silly partnership between Samsung and Armani.

A 46- and 52-inch version are expected to be released this year in Europe, Korea and Russia; no word yet on pricing or availability in the US.

[Via Reuters]


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