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Verizon sues Sprint over interconnection charges

Verizon has filed suit again Sprint in a federal court in Delaware, claiming that Sprint is behind on interconnection charges to the tune of $10 million.

Verizon claims that they have “made over many months ad through both written and personal communications” to attempt to get Sprint to cooperate but calls their attempts “fruitless” and now the courts will have to sort it out.

Sprint claims that Verizon is just bent because the two-year statute of limitations to collect on this is nearly up.

“Because Verizon’s claims in this matter are running up against a two-year statute of limitations, this complaint comes as no surprise — this is simply a standard legal maneuver by Verizon to preserve their legal claim against us,” said John Taylor, a Sprint Nextel spokesman. “We remain hopeful that we can resolve this matter without any further legal action by either party.”

I think if someone owed me $10 million I’d be pretty bent too.

[Via Electronista]


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