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Sony Alpha A350 DSLR reviewed


Imaging Resource got their hands on Sony’s new Alpha A350 DSLR, one of the two new Alpha’s announced at PMA this year.

The A350 has Live View which itself isn’t a new thing among DSLR’s, but it does have a different take on it. The LCD is able to tilt down nearly 45-degrees, then is able to tilt up past 90-degrees.

For most shots you won’t need to use this feature, but for this strange angles it could really come in handy.


Image quality is good with the kit lens and imaging sensor both being of pretty good quality, comparing favorably with offerings from Nikon and Canon.

They also found the A350 very easy to use and came up with a Mac versus PC comparison:

“Sony’s former Minolta team has hit on a design with all three of the latest cameras that is so easy to approach and use that it’s hard to come up with anything clever. It reminds me a lot of the switch between PC and Mac. I used to love tweaking MS-DOS and Windows to eek out a little more speed, but the Mac just worked, and worked well. Suddenly I had to focus on getting stuff done with my computer, rather than messing with settings to make a window pop up faster. The consumer Alpha cameras are a lot like that.”

Some of the highlights are:

  • 14.2-megapixel sensor
  • Dynamic Range Optimization works well, preserving detail in highlights and shadows
  • Very good high ISO performance
  • Very good low light performance
  • Fast autofocus
  • Sensor holds onto detail very well, without significant noise suppression at low ISOs
  • Very good flash range for an on-camera flash

Not all is perfect, of course. Here are some of the negatives they found:

  • Kit lens slightly soft in the corners
  • Advanced DRO slows camera down when shooting rapidly
  • Infrared sensor activates AF system when you don’t want it to, like when you’re just holding the camera
  • Flash coverage at wide angle was poor
  • Marginal Auto White Balance performance in incandescent lighting

What’s the final word? “The Sony A350 is a well-rounded package, offering the best of all worlds in terms of usability, resolution, and intelligent design…”

Check out the entire review here if you’re interested.

[Via Photography Bay]


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