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DISH loses appeal, TiVo wins DVR suit

tivoWay back in 2006 TiVo sued DISH Network (at the time called EchoStar), claiming that the company had violated their DVR patents for their DVRs.

TiVo won $90 million on the case as well as an injunction against DISH requiring that they turn off existing DVR functions and stop selling new ones.

DISH appeal the decision and was granted an stay allowing them to continue to offer and sell DVR service to their customers while the appeal is in progress.

EchoStar said it was “disappointed” by the court’s decision not to rehear its appeal. “The decision, however, will have no effect on our current or future customers because EchoStar’s engineers have developed and deployed ‘next-generation’ DVR software to our customers’ DVRs,” the company said in a statement. EchoStar said the updated software has been delivered to its customers and that none of the DVRs currently infringe on TiVo’s patent, and promised that customers will see no interruption in service as a result of the ruling.

Next up for DISH? An appeal of the ruling the US Supreme Court.

[Via CNET News]


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  1. atika12335

    I think that court should take consumers into consideration while making decision.

    April 14, 2008 at 4:49 pm

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