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Walt Mossberg says 3G iPhone coming in 60 days [UPDATED]

Walt Mossberg, Tech writer for the Wall Street Journal, says that the new 3G iPhone is coming in “60-days”.

That statement was made yesterday, so that means June 4th would be the day if he’s right.

Its widely believed that the 3G version is coming sometime this year, but no one outside of those intimately involved with the project at Apple and maybe AT&T know for sure when exactly it will hit.

Does Walt know something that most of the rest of us don’t? Could be, and that would jive with when the next firmware that enables the App Store is expected…

UPDATE: Walt Mossberg today backed away from his 60-days comment, saying that he doesn’t know when its coming any more than anyone else does. Check out the story here.

[Via Gizmodo]


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