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Dolby and SIM2 working on HDR LCD screen


According to a story at CrunchGear, Dolby and SIM2 are working on a new technology that will allow for high dynamic range (HDR) lighting on an LCD screen.

The way it will work is to employ three layers:

Layer 1: The main LCD

This would provide the color, resolution and contrast.

Layer 2: Backlight simulation

This layer will provide a copy of the image in the main LCD and will increase brightness in in bright areas and reduce brightness in darker areas.

Layer 3: LED dynamic backlight

The dynamic backlight layer will only light up parts of the screen instead of the entire screen like other displays, reducing picture washout.

No info on availability yet or even a physical prototype so it may just be a theory right now but it is a cool idea that I’d sure be curious to see.

[Via CrunchGear]


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