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New Bluetooth mic inserted into hole in tooth

bluetooth_mic_in_toothIf you’re the one all your friends look to for all the latest in geek stuff, really think about this one before you order it.

The new Bluetooth Microphone Dental Insert is a Bluetooth earpiece with an unusual microphone–it fits into a 2.2mm diameter by 1.7mm deep hole that is drilled into your tooth and “will pick up sound and vibrations from y our mouth to produce incredibly clear sound…never forget your trusty Bluetooth kit ever again.”

Hmmm…except for the ear piece which does not fit into a hold drilled into your ear canal (maybe version two) so you may still forget that piece.

The black spot in the models teeth near the gum line in the picture here is it. Sorry, looks like the only color will be black so no white or spinach color.

For more info check out the product page here. No pricing info just yet.

[Via Gizmodo]


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