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Aloha Airlines shutting down

aloha_airlinesAloha Airlines announced that they have stopped selling tickets for future flights and are shutting down. Other airlines, including United Airlines, will reportedly help accommodate customers who currently have tickets.

David Banmiller, president and CEO of Aloha Airlines, said “this is an incredibly dark day for Hawaii…despite the groundswell of support from the community and our elected officials, we simply ran out of time to find a qualified buyer or secure continued financing for our passenger business. We had no choice but to take this action.”

Two weeks ago Aloha Airlines filed for bankruptcy, saying it could not compete the inter-island fare war and escalating fuel costs.

The company will continue to operate its cargo and aviation services while it continues to look for a buyer. A $13 million bid from Young Brothers was received last week but has not been accepted (at least not yet).

1,900 employees are expected to be effected.

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