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Pwnage Tool going public tomorrow, iPhone Dev Team app to allow easy hacking of iPhone [UPDATED]


The iPhone Dev Team has already managed to hack, among other things, both versions of the new iPhone firmware that is included in the iPhone SDK releases. What’s next? A tool to let you easily run these firmwares on your iPhone.

Using a new process of patching the iPhone’s bootloader, making it possible to run any firmware you’d like on your iPhone including those not signed by Apple.

Because of this firmwares can be flashed onto the iPhone right from iTunes. Plus, the iPhone Dev Team claims that this method will be very difficult for Apple to circumvent.

Pwnage Tool will only run on Mac’s with OS 10.4 or higher, but they are working on a Windows version of the tool which they hope to have available soon.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

UPDATE: The iPhone Dev Team has announced that the Pwnage Tool’s release will be delayed until sometime next week.

According to a posting on their news page here “legal enquiries were made to the DevTeam about the validity and legality of the contents of the tools.”

That combined with some bugs that were found in testing means we won’t be getting the tool today after all. Keep watching my blog–when I hear any more info I’ll be sure to post it.

Update 2: It’s out! For more info check out this post.


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