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FCC names winners of 700MHz auction, winning bids

Now that all of the 700MHz auction have come to an end the FCC is able to announce the winners and their winning bid for each of the blocks.

Block A: 12 MHz bandwidth (698–704 and 728–734 MHz)
No clear winner.

Block B: 12 MHz bandwidth (704–710 and 734–740 MHz)
Big winner: AT&T
Total spent: $6,636,658,000

Block C: 22 MHz bandwidth (746–757 and 776–787 MHz)
Big winner: Verizon Wireless
Total spent: $9,363.160,000

Block D: 10 MHz bandwidth (758–763 and 788–793 MHz)
Big winner: Qualcomm
Total spent: $472,042,000 (reserve not met)

Block E: 6 MHz bandwidth (722–728 MHz)
Big winner: Frontier Wireless
Total spent: $711,871,000

Block C, as you may recall, was the block that Google had bid on but they appeared to be more interested in ensuring that the minimum bid for open access be reached than actually winning the auction, so being outbid was likely their plan all along.

For Block D, the reserve price of $1.33 billion was not met so a new auction for this block will be created to give bidders another shot.

The results above list the big winner and not just block winner because in some cases its not as straight forward and one bidder getting the entire block. For example, Qualcomm also won parts of the B and E block.

[Via Engadget]


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