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MacBook Air reviewed as a Windows machine

macbook_air_windowsAs a relatively recent Mac switcher I still do a lot of things at work that require the use of Windows.

If I had a MacBook Air, I’d need to run Windows on it, but how well would Windows work on the Air?

The folks at X-bit Labs decided to try and find out.

So what did they think? While they found the Air “beautiful, innovative, mobile and quite functional” and were happy to see that “one of the disks that come with the notebook contains all the drivers you might need for Windows OS,” they also found that “the system would occasionally slow down showing absolutely inadequate performance numbers for the type of hardware inside” and they also found that the system would heat up quite a bit.

The performance and heat issue could potentially be fixed or at least helped with future firmware updates, but at this point it is what it is–the “MacBook Air is not the best choice for an ultra-portable Wintel solution.”

For the entire review check out this post.

[Via Engadget]


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