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Find out what process has a file or folder locked in Windows with Process Explorer

process_explorerHave you ever tried to delete or rename a file or folder in Windows only to be told that you can’t because something is using it, even though you have EVERYTHING closed?

Find out what it is with a little freebie called Process Explorer.

When you first open Process Explorer you might be initially confused if you’re not used to looking at this sort of Window. No sweat–you won’t be hear long and as long as you’re careful what you click on you’ll be fine.

In the menu along the top of Process Explorer click on Find, and in the menu that opens there’s only one thing you can click on–Find Handle or DLL. Click on it and new window will open with the title Process Explorer Search.

Enter the full path to your filename or folder into the box next to Handle or DLL substring and click the Search button and in a few seconds you’ll see what process is locking the file or folder in question.

Now that you know what it is you at least have some idea what program or process to quit so you can finish renaming or deleting things.


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