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Make your own photography ringflash


A ringflash is a nice accessory for photographers with SLR’s and DSLR’s to give a full-frontal lighting effect to your photos, giving you nice control over your shadows.

This sort of flash is often used for fashion photography, but the entry point for a ringflash for consumers is a bit high at $400+.

If you’re handy, for substantially less money you can create your own ringflash thanks to the folks at Photography Bay.

You’ll need your own flash, plus:

  • (1) quart-sized utility cup
  • (1) casserole disposable aluminum pan
  • (1) small sheet of white fabric
  • (1) roll of black tape
  • (1) scrap of cardboard from an envelope (the author of the article used an envelope from MyPhotopipe.com)

Once you’ve got those things, follow these steps and before long you’ll have your own ringflash:

  • Trace the bottom of the cup onto the pan
  • Cut a hole in the middle of the pan along your outline
  • Fit the cup in the hole an mark where to cut the bottom out
  • Cut the bottom of the cup out at your mark
  • Trace the end of your speedlight along the side of the pan
  • Cut along your traced outline
  • Qrap a piece of cardboard around the end of your speed light and secure it with tape (make sure you can get your flash in and out)
  • Insert your flash with cardboard into the cutout on the side of the pan
  • Secure the cardboard in the pan with tape
  • Spray paint the exterior of the cup with flat white paint (this helps bounce the light around)
  • Secure the cup (now a tube) into the pan with tape
  • Mark the fabric on the lip of the cup
  • Cut a hole in the fabric just smaller than the size of the cup’s opening
  • Secure the fabric on the inside of the cup’s opening with tape
  • Trim the fabric along the exterior of the pan (I also cut into the overlapped portions to keep it from bunching up when I tried to lay it down)
  • Lay fabric down along the edges and secure with tape
  • Insert your gear and go take some test shots

Not sure what a ringflash will do for you? Check out the sample photos below. The one on the left was taken without using a ringflash, and the one on the right right was taken with a ringflash.


[Via Photography Bay]


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