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Philips shows off the benefit of 120Hz with their new 7000 Series 42-inch display

philips_120hzOn the CES show floor, Philips showed off why a 120Hz HDTV matters by showing last years 60Hz version of their 7000 Series 42-inch set with this years 7000 Series 42-inch 120Hz version.

When the image was still there was no discernable difference, but when the image was in motion the difference was pretty noticeable–the 120Hz image was smoother.

This years set also decreases the refresh rate to 2ms.

The 42-inch set will set you back $1,799, a 47-inch version will sell for $2,099, and the biggest–a 52-inch version–will sell for $2,799.

All three will be available in May.

[Via Gizmodo]


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