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OLPC and Asus Eee PC throwdown

‘Tis the season for buying electronics and if you’re in the market for a laptop you just might have your eyes on the OLPC (“One Laptop Per Child”) and the Asus Eee PC.

The OLPC (the one with the antennas), also known as the “$100 laptop” or the “XO”, was created for children in developing nations and it is available in the US and Canada (at least for the time being) with their “Give 1, Get 1” program.

With this program when you donate a laptop to a child you will get one too. The cost is $399 and $200 of that is tax deductible.

The Asus Eee PC is an ultra-portable is aimed at people that don’t have very demanding needs (no, it won’t play World of Warcraft) but have good eyesight (the screen is only 7″ after all).

The cost of the Eee PC is $399.

So if you want to buy one, which should it be?

Check out Laptop Magazine’s cage match for the details.



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